Miami: The Morning Of 

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I can’t believe my trip to Miami is finally here!! I’m so excited to get there and see my family! My morning started at 4:10 AM! The only time I like waking up that early is when I’m catching a flight, so getting up was a piece of cake today! 

Getting to the airport was easy – it took about twenty ish minutes to get there. I got through security like a breeze – ten minutes tops, and I didn’t have to take off my shoes! Yessss!! 

I was a little nervous for some odd reason. Maybe I’m just anxious to get there?Maybe because I’m flying alone and had to actually read the signs of where to go and what to do? I don’t travel alone often, but it feels good to depend on yourself for something so small as getting to your boarding gate.

I arrived at my gate early and had about forty minutes to kill before my flight, so I decided to jot down my thoughts. 

I was lucky to get a seat up front, but the only downside is that it’s a middle seat (mehh) and I’m between a family of five or six who’s literally turnt to the max already. Boy, they are fun fun! The dad is super friendly and offered to help me lift my bag into the overhead. Apparently, he’s meeting his family of twenty-two in Miami to party! I swear the guy has spiked his coffee – I’m not judging…I’m more so wishing I had done the same. Oh wait, he just offered me a drink coupon! WIN! I didn’t take it though – it’s a bit too early and I can’t show up to get my rental with whisky breath. *le sigh

My flight is just a little under three hours, so I get to listen to one of my favorite podcast on Spotify: Death, Sex, & Money! If you’re into podcast and topics as such, you should definitely check this one out!

Thanks for reading, 

Jesser The Adventurer 


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