Austin’s Most Instagrammable Murals


One thing I love about Austin is that it is super laid back, there is always something to do here, the food options are limitless, and the street art is Instagram worthy. The murals here are beautiful and are unlike any I have ever seen. I grew up thinking graffiti was bad, but this type of graffiti is pure art.

Over the weekend I decided so travel around Austin and capture some of my favorite murals. I didn’t get a chance to do all of them, but below are six that I really love.

With Love From Austin 

This one is high on my favorite list. I love the dark black wall and creamy white lettering. I felt like I was at a photo shoot. The ironic thing about that is that I get really nervous taking pictures by myself. It feels so awkward and I struggle with how to pose. It’s funny but quite difficult, because I want the best pictures for my blog. *Sigh* Mastering these skills will take time. Check this mural out on the side wall of Prima Dora 1912 South Congress Ave.

mural 5

Austin Howdy

This would have been my first favorite had I not stumbled upon the With Love From Austin sign. I love everything about the Austin Howdy sign. It’s full of color and life. It is on a big blue wall and the sun hits it perfectly. Each letter has symbols and graphics that all reflect Austin in some capacity. It’s located downtown on the side of Parlor and Yard 601 West 6th St.

mural 3

You Are My Butter Half

I came across this one last year (this picture is from last year too). This mural is super cute because you can take it with your partner or significant other as well as your friends. I love the symbolism in this mural – bread and butter go together like two peas in a pod. Who’s your butter half? 2000 E Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Mural 1


Does anyone else think of Adele when they see this mural? I can just hear her saying “Hello from the other siiiiidddee.” Haha! My partner actually took me to this one. This wall is simple and sweet… just how I like it. Hello, from Austin! *waves* 1102 West Koenig Lane

mural 2

Run DMC 

What can I say? I love music so of course this wall would make the cut. Although, I am not really sure who the lady is in this mural. This mural is in the South Congress area – so hip, so cool! It is on the side wall of Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop – the vegan cupcakes were delish! 1905 South 1st Street

mural 6

We Are All Mexico

This mural is located downtown on the side of the Mexic Arte Museum. This one kinda popped out of nowhere while we were driving home. I love the mountains in this and the combination of the colors. The message is so simple yet so powerful. We are all Mexico. We are all immigrants. We are all one. 419 Congress Avenue

mural 4

If you live in Austin or plan to visit soon, capture some of these murals in your photos!

Happy Wednesday!

Instagram: @jessertheadventurer 


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