Dallas in a Day…or two!

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This blog is appearing super late in the game. My Dallas trip was like three weeks ago, but it’s never too late…right? Plus, at the time of my visit, this blog life did not exist.

Anywho…read below on how I took on Dallas for a day…or two!!

Let me first say that Dallas is not my most favorite place to visit. I think Dallas gets a lot of bad mouthing, but I must say that I saw a more charming side of Dallas. The people were super friendly, contrary to popular belief.  Prior to this visit, I had  been to Dallas on three different occasions: to Six Flags, to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and to another friend’s graduation. All of which I did nothing but go out to clubs, drink, and eat. That’s cool and all, but I now prefer to do more than just party, drink, and eat when I travel to new places.

The weekend trip came about when I decided to surprise my girlfriend for Valentine’s with tickets to see her favorite artist: Tori Kelly. This was our second time seeing her in less than year – stalker, much? JK. The girl is talented, so why not go see her over and over?!?  So, that is just what we did. We took a half day Friday, and hit the road to Dallas, Texas!

I love planning things, so I was really excited to take Norma on this mini trip and surprise her (although she somewhat peaked at my list of things to do)  with everything I had planned. The drive from Austin to Dallas was short and sweet – we made it in about three hours and immediately went to check into our rental, “The Green House”. The Green House was super adorable!! I love tiny houses, and really wish I could have one, especially after staying in this one. It was the perfect size with just enough space to not feel claustrophobic. Once we were settled in, we refreshed and got ready to head out to a late lunch before the concert. Wait, first, I had some wine that the host provided for us…how nice? He actually had wine, snacks, water, the whole shebang!

We had lunch at the popular Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum. Seriously, I read that people travel to Dallas just for the bbq here, and I even read that people normally stand in long ass lines waiting to get served. Naturally, you’d think, “Okay, this place has to be the bomb.com!”…right? I mean seriously, I researched it thoroughly and even saw on Yelp that it had over 1,500 reviews!!! I was sooo excited to take Norma here (we both loved bbq) and to eat here myself. Until we arrived and there is no line, which was fine because who likes to wait, but then I get inside and it is completely dead. Hmmm…another bonus? No line, no wait, winning!!! We ordered our food – we both got the chopped brisket sandwich with macaroni and beans. I wanted potato salad, but they did not have any…what BBQ joint does not have potato salad. Long story short, the BBQ was bleh, nothing fancy or worth waiting in line for. Deep Ellum was super chill though, and I loved the street art/graffiti that was on the buildings. There was a brewery on the block that seemed really chill as well as a little candy shop.  We went in and tried some of the taffy there, so if you are a taffy lover, check out the candy store across from Pecan Lodge.

Once we finished exploring Deep Ellum, we headed over to a bar on South Lamar called, Full Circle Tavern. It was right down the street from the venue where the concert was, so it was a bit packed from all the people hanging out. It was a super cute bar that was established from a catering service, which I felt added that extra flair. We had a few beers, and then hopped in the line that was forming outside.

This venue, South Side Ballroom, was way bigger than the last venue we saw her at back in Houston. It was standing only, but we were able to get a good spot to see her. It was crowded, but the performance was outstanding. If you like Tori Kelly and have not seen her perform live, you MUST. She sounds way better live to me.

We ended the night back at The Green House with a movie and some wine. We were supposed to go out the gayborhood, but we were not feeling it.

Saturday morning, we said goodbye to The Green House and headed to the Dallas Farmer’s Market.The market is super cute and has a slight rustic appeal to it, which I love. It was a little small, and I didn’t see much produce, so maybe there are some weekends where different vendors come? I dunno. There was a super cute flower shop called, Rubial’s that I adored. It was so cute with so many different types of plants and flowers. If you’re into this kinda stuff, you must check it out when in Dallas.

For lunch, I took Norma to the developing area of West Dallas where Trinity Groves resides. I wish I had a lot of time to really explore this side of Dallas, because I really liked the tid bit that I did experience. Trinity Groves is an area where you can do it all: eat, drink shop, grab a brew at the brewery, or just hang out. We had lunch at another “hyped up” restaurant called, Off-Site Kitchen. It was….eh okay. I won’t elaborate too much, but the outdoor patio was super cute and the art on the building was dope. After lunch, we walked over to the shopping area and explored a bit. I really loved this little area for some reason. I didn’t get to go into most of the stores, because Houey was with us, but….we stopped at Cake Bar and got a few slices of cake:red velvet for me and carrot for Norms. Both were really good, but nothing on my mama’s cakes…just sayin’. After we smashed our slices of cake, we took a walk over to the  Trinity Groves Bridge (OMG…nice!!!) and dabbled in its greatness. Then…it started to pour down raining, so we had to literally run back to  the car. Pretty epic!

The rain was enough for us, so we decided to head back to Austin!

Thank you, Dallas for showing me a different side of you!

P.S. “Wherever you go, go with all of your heart.” – unknown FullSizeRenderIMG_0655IMG_0657IMG_0660IMG_0659IMG_0661IMG_0663IMG_0664IMG_0665FullSizeRenderIMG_0671IMG_0682


2 thoughts on “Dallas in a Day…or two!

  1. Sounds like a much better experience than I had in Dallas but I must say that each time I went I wasn’t going to enjoy the scenery or what the city had to offer. The next time I’ll definitely have to take a proper tour around the city. Nice photos. 🙂


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